It all started with a pile of Vogue Magazines and a love affair with FT (Fashion Television).

I spent hours flipping through my mom's Vogue magazines and watched FT while practicing my catwalk in the living room as a young child. I was in awe of the fashion and imagery created by those artists. My passion has fueled this new chapter in my career.

“Vision is the most important thing to have, no matter what you do.” Tom Ford. 

My photography is a reflection of you. It adds something to your life. That’s the power of photography. You feel it. Your images are created to be enjoyed and to empower you every time you look upon them.

Be proud of who you are.

My process of creation begins with you.  Every individual has their own unique sense of style.  They have their own energy and sense of self.  I start by getting to know your likes, your desires and what you're drawn to.

From there, we focus the vision with a mood board from which we will create. The tone will be based on your outfit choices, backdrops, lighting choices and posing. The synergy of these elements will be the backbone of your photoshoot.

The process

"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered." —Giorgio Armani

I love to create.  I love trying new ideas and concepts.  Tell me your wildest dreams. It's about experimentation.  It's about creating together.  It's for people that love themselves and want to celebrate their achievements. 

My sessions are for the bold.  



Contact me via my contact form. From there, my assistant (Jess) or I will respond back about our availability.



Have your mood board ready to share with us after our first contact.  Tell me about your style in terms of lighting, vibe, fashion, colours, shape, mood and more. I'm visual so please use images. Or trust me and I'll bring the ideas.



We coordinate a date T-Th at the studio. Weekends are available at a surcharge. If you require an elevator, it operates M-F 8-5.  



I find the right hair and makeup artist for your vision. I bring in the professionals to ensure you have an incredible experience at the studio. Please provide a visual mood board for their reference.

frequently asked questions

Get the answers. Understand the process.


In order to be                 
one must always be 



— Coco Chanel


"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." —Oscar de la Renta

Q. What is my investment?

Head to my services page where I outline what's included. If you're open to signing a model release and collaborating, sessions may be increased by 30 minutes for something more 'experimental and conceptual'. For a limited time only, I am offering a discoutn voucher in exchange for portfolio images.

Q. How many looks can I expect?

First, share your image mood board.  I am visual. Show me examples of you in your outfits and what you're hoping to achieve.  Once we finalize your up to 3 looks, we'll set up a video chat to fine tune what you have and what we need to make it happen. I'll design lighting and setup backdrops to be ready for your arrival at the studio. Or just sit back and trust me to create. 

During this portfolio-building phase, I've discounted my sessions in exchange for creating images for my portfolio. I will select work best representative of my vision. I will also provide an unretouched gallery for you to choose additional retouch services from. Please see SERVICES to see what's included. Please note that my edits are realistic and true to life.  I believe that YOU should be celebrated and not what society expectations deem worthy of worship. If you're looking for heavy body / age modification, I will not be the right fit.

The process from photoshoot to image delivery will take about 4 weeks. See contract for details.

Q. What happens after the session?


 statement Creations


my current mood


I have curated some pieces that are fashion-forward, daring or demure.  Borrow from the closet, allow me to create a draped gown for you, or bring your own pieces. I'm game. My photography is a reflection of YOU.

peek into my client closet

Imagine the possibilies.

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Watch what's created at the studio.  Then take the next step.

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